In most cases, we invoice on a monthly basis with 30-day payment terms. For certain projects we may require a proportion of the payment upfront or for it to be fully covered by the clients; for example, building new sites and payment for PPC spend.

We always agree payment in advance of a project being started, and any changes in budget will be fully communicated and agreed in writing in advance. We accept payments via PayPal, debit / credit cards, Wire Transfer and net banking.

This is another tough question, as all projects are different and timescales may often be out of our control. Our stock answer is that within the first 5 days from the start of the projects, most, if not all, clients will see a noticeable improvement.

At Digiket Solutions, we always like to sort at least some quick win items first so that the project starts to pay for itself almost immediately, so most clients start to results quicker than that.

In the majority of countries in the world Google has the highest search engine market share. This is especially true in US, India, Australia etc. where market share is regularly over 98% of all search traffic to sites. As a result, we tend to spend most of our time working on optimising sites for Google.

Luckily though, a lot of the tactics we use will have a similar effect in the other search engines.

If we work in countries in which other search engines are dominant, we will tailor our approach to make sure you get the best possible results.

Results in digital marketing field are not always certain as there are too many variables, especially with SEO, as Google’s algorithm is a secret. What we can do is point to a highly successful track record across all sorts of sectors.

Also, trust us when we tell you that we aren’t happy with results unless you are!

All our clients have our direct contact details, including mobile, email and Skype account. What’s more, we can arrange regular calls and update you with daily reports and stats to make sure you’re always acquainted with the project.

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